C.O.F Studio

It all started off back in 2013 at a dinner. The Founder & Owner with a group of friends were discussing what defines good quality in todays clothing industry. Ever since that day we have been telling our story and what we define as good quality together with a small group of supplier partners. It's not about where the product is made, but by whom. For C.O.F, good quality is made by a circle of friends.

  1. C.O.F Studio Overshirt Indigo
    As low as SEK1,949.00
  2. C.O.F Studio Zip Shacket
    As low as SEK2,999.00
  3. C.O.F Studio Chore Jacket
    As low as SEK3,399.00
  4. C.O.F Studio M7 Tapered Ecru
    As low as SEK2,499.00
  5. C.O.F Studio M7 Tapered Indigo
    As low as SEK1,799.00
Linnégatan 2 - 413 04 Gothenburg - Sweden - info@linnegatan2.se - +46 (0) 31 43 14 50 - @linnegatan2