Bosswik was founded in 1989 and the experience of making belts extends through family business in generations. The belts are made in a combination of handcraft and modern production. The machines help to ensure the efficiency of the production, but no belt is ever going to be realized without people involved. Skilled people with rich experience cut, glue, dye, sow, and fit from hides to finished belts.

  1. Bosswik Leather Belt High Premium Brown
    As low as €91.90
  2. Bosswik Suede Belt Cognac
    As low as €55.90
  3. Bosswik Leather Belt Black
    As low as €50.90
  4. Bosswik Leather Belt Brown
    As low as €50.90
  5. Bosswik Braided Belt Navy
    As low as €44.90
  6. Bosswik Braided Belt Sand
    As low as €44.90
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