A pioneering brand history ASPESI was founded by Alberto Aspesi in 1969 as a shirts brand and the first garment ever produced was a leopard print shirt for men. In a time when the benchmark in the fashion industry were the Parisian haute couture houses, the Italian prêt-à-porter industry started focusing on materials, wearable elegance, and offering new horizons to explore. 

  1. Aspesi Thin Sweater White
    As low as SEK599.70
  2. Aspesi Wind Hoodie Jacket
    As low as SEK1,949.70
  3. Aspesi Polo Maglia Beige
    As low as SEK599.70
  4. Aspesi Linen Shirt Navy
    As low as SEK674.70
  5. Aspesi Knit T-shirt
    As low as SEK584.70
  6. Aspesi Hooded Jacket
    As low as SEK1,304.70
  7. Aspesi Overshirt Linen
    As low as SEK1,169.70
  8. Aspesi Overshirt Blue
    As low as SEK794.70
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