Herno Suede Bomber

We are very proud to once again feature one of last spring's crowdpleasers – the suede bomber from Herno. Loved among owners not only because its striking style and quality, this is a luxurious yet remakably accessible piece.

Due to the inherent cost of the material involved all good suede or leather jackets do come with a price tag, but by compromising the elaborate unlined construction of previous versions of the suede bomber and replacing it with a conventional viscose lining Herno managed something truly remarkable – a very fine garment in high-quality goat suede from the world's arguably best outerwear producer at only 7900 SEK.

Not only the looks has made the Herno a choice for many of the shop regulars, but also the functional aspects; of course - a suede bomber is by no means a raincoat, but with a lining featuring taped seams this has a certain degree of resistance to the elements on its own but also beautifully holds the protective properties of an aerosol or spray-based waterproofer such as Saphir's Super Invulner (that many among us consider the industry benchmark in protecting suede/nubuck from water and stains).

Style-wise the appreciated model and pattern is unchanged but it is for this spring available in two striking colours – the same indigo blue that was featured last year, but also a new light brown that compliments the lighter shades of spring perfectly, such as washed denim, grey melange and whites.

Usable not only as a sporty yet elegant jacket, we have also seen several examples of our customers utilizing the wonderfully soft and supple bomber as an interesting and functional mid-layer, creating even further use for this go-to garment.
Try one and feel for yourself – this is an amazing piece to start off spring/summer 2018 with!