Herno Laminar

This autumn's best friend against nature’s forces definitely is the Herno Laminar Car Coat. The Laminar collection is Herno's collaboration with well-known manufacturer of all-weather protection Gore and their clever weather-proof membrane Gore-Tex. The combination of the Gore-Tex membrane, a luxurious nylon quality and super fit from Herno makes this garment unbeatable for a wet and windy winter season.

The Car Coat model is known as a very versatile model and this one even more - Herno very cleverly added details as a detachable and down-padded hood, concealed buttons, rubberized zipper and discrete wristlets to keep wind and rain out but also for staying stylish in all weathers. The look of the coat is surprisingly different when worn with or without the hood; without, it has a smart business coat silhouette, and with the hood attached it transforms to a sportier luxury casual look.

The Gore-Tex membrane does not really need a lengthy introduction, as it combined with taped seams makes the coat wind- and waterproof yet breathable, bringing all great comfort needed for the season.