Gift List #3

1. Bespoke Style by Yoshimi Hasegawa
If there is one recommendation that we'd like to make regarding Christmas gifts whether it's for yourself or a loved one, it is the brilliant Bespoke Style book by Yoshimi Hasegawa (featuring beautiful photography by Edward Lakeman) where some of the very finest craftsmen and companies in British menswear are portrayed. This will be the perfect companion for lounging during the intermediates - accessorize with your favourite chair, comfy clothing and a hot or cold beverage of choice!

2. Johnstons of Elgin Products
Among the products that always stay with us as shop staples and standards are the lovely cashmere knits from Johnstons of Elgin, who since 1797 have produced garments and fabrics in the north of Scotland. Complimenting an assortment of gloves and hats are the beautifully soft scarves and sweaters in a range of muted, elegant colours. Bound to be go-to garments and accessories, these are (well, except the sweaters) great un-sized gift ideas that will please everone.

3. Dents' Deerskin Gloves Havana
Surpassing even Johnstons of Elgin in experience are Dents, producing some of the world finest gloves in Worchester since 1777. With a wide range of materials, constructions and styles available to please everone, we have Dent's as our pricipal supplier of gloves with patterns tracing back to 1839, still individually bench cut and made by hand. Pictured are the very appreciated deerskin gloves that have been with us for a few years, and we do now offer a third colour choice in the form of deep Hunter Green as an addition to the previous brown and black versions - all in the same buttery soft North American deerskin and lined with comfy cashmere, ready for lifelong service and stunning patina.

4. Caruso Tosca Jacket Sand
Caruso's signature "Tosca" jacket is full of quirks, details and functions More than meets the eye at first glance, this piece brings not only the top-grade materials and craftsmanship that defines Caruso garments, but also an unmatched range of usability. Intended to be the perfect jacket for the gentleman scooting and scootering around town, it's of course perfect for human- och combustion-powered two-wheel transport in the city but we would also propose it as an excellent travel companion. Why? Drawing inspiration from the classic British hacking jacket, a soft tailored sportcoat and utility wear the devil is in the details; possible full length buttoning, slanted outside and four inside pockets, a one-button cuff, action- and inverted-pleat back, 45° elbow patches and two back pockets (for gloves, a Gazzetta or map) and last but not least; a hidden, zippered pocket for the key to your swift steed in the seam of the right sleeve complimented with a golden key ring.