Gift List #1


1. Frank Clegg Backpack
The perfect Christmas gift for the man that has everything. Few bags than the backpack are being more liked for its comfort or hated for its look, but this one only gets love. The comfort is there, the quality is impeccable and looks are also stunning. Just like a classic gym backpack in its soft construction but made in leathe, it its perfect for that casual dressed up look. Holding two pockets - one in the front closing with magnet and straps, and a clever hidden one on the inside of the top for easy accessible items as your keys or phone.

2. Codis Maya Bracelet
Nice looking jewelry for men is not easy to find, even if this one actually is more unisex. Made by hand in a small workshop in London, England this bracelet is brass with paddle shaped ends. A very nice accessory to match your watch with or just wearing on its own. Comes in size M and L.

3. Codis Maya Cufflinks
A small piece of exquisite craftsmanship, made by hand in England. These will spice up the New Years' tux but the simplicity in their design makes it also look great with a more casual attire. Made in brass and plated with 18k gold for a nice shiny finish.

4. Alden Black Cordovan Longwing
There is no shoe that is more of an all-American classic than the longwing brogue from Alden. Made in New England with the world's arguably finest leather (shell cordovan from Chicago-based Horween), this is a model that is a great example of the sturdier American style of footwear. Those who appreciate shoes that both in construction and appearance are more robust love Alden, and for a more subdued, elegant and dressy look the obvious choice is black shell cordovan.
(Unfortunately we can right now only provide Alden to customers in our brick and mortar store.)

5. Fox Green Telescopic Umbrella
The world's reference on lousy weather is British, but so is also the ways to protect yourself from it. In 1868 Fox Umbrellas started producing umbrellas by hand in England, and they are to this date still made in Surrey, south of London. Not only beautiful with its characteristic silhoutte, but also made with world-class materials and craftsmanship this is a gift that for a lucky owner makes the best out of the worst possible weather.

6. Incotex Cotton Flannel Puppy Tooth Trousers
Incotex trousers are always an appreciated gift, to others as well as yourself. Our favourite for the autumn/winter season is this model in soft cotton flanell with a small houndstooth pattern in forest green and black, complimenting everything in the gentleman's wardrobe. Seasoned Incotex wearers will recognize the fit and comfort, and those who get these as a first pair will understand that the only reason Incotex can get away with their "The best trousers in the world" slogan is because it is true.