Edward Green Chelsea Dark Oak

5 880 SEK 8 400 SEK (approx. $ 816 / € 713 / £ 625) Non EU: 20% VAT has been deducted from original price.

Disclaimer: This model is among the last pairs left from our Edward Green shop stock and might have been used both as display shoes and been tried on by potential customers in our store (indoor), but might also be brand new, box fresh mint pairs. All buyers will receive individual photo confirmation showing the state of the shoes purchased to be approved, before each pair is shipped out. If you place an order for one or several pairs; study the pictures sent to you carefully, these are sold as is with no returns.

This semi-oxford is based on the 82-last which is slim, elliptical and elegant. Single leather sole. E-width. Made in England.

We carry most sizes from Edward Green in stock. If they are sold out we will contact you regarding the possibility to wait for either delivery from Edward Green's main stock or for production.

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